Random Thoughts From A Somewhat Fertile Mind - Week 5

By James Zambroski

Random Thoughts From A Somewhat Fertile Mind -- Week 5

Now that the prosecution is set to wrap up it's case (on Monday), it's time to go Letterman with this thing.

Top Ten Reasons the State of Indiana Believes David Camm is Guilty:

Based on trial evidence and testimony; numbering the judgment of the writer; apologies to The Late Show With David Letterman.

10). Camm didn't act like a grieving husband and father after the crime.

9). Three jailhouses snitches say he confessed.

8). Single bloody footprint at scene similar to Camm's tennis shoe.

7). Malha Singh Mattingly says she saw Camm while with Boney at New Albany police station.

6). Carpet fibers on Boney's sweatshirt has similarity to fibers taken from Camm home.

5). Crime scene has been cleaned up.

4). Sheriff's video shows short ride from gym to Camm home.

3). Basketball player alibi not as strong as it was thought to be.

2). Brass shavings and gunpowder residue on Camm's clothing.

1). Microdots of blood and tissue on Camm's shirt and shoe is high velocity impact spatter from Kimberly and Jill Camm.

Wild Cards on the List: Testimony expected Monday from two doctors who will describe injuries to Jill Camm's genitalia. No evidence linking that trauma to Camm, but jury will learn the injuries exist and that they were fresh. Also, the impact of Janice Renn's testimony to finish the case. She is Kimberly Camm's mother.

Keith Henderson has spoken endlessly about 'pieces to the puzzle' and that no single piece of evidence is stronger than then the others. Perhaps death by a thousand cuts works in the courtroom as well.

Hats Off to the Lawyers: For not showing graphic photos, at least without warning. Stacey Uliana did as much before she projected a gory crime scene picture of Kimberly and Brad Camm during some key cross examination ("I'm now going to show you a picture from the crime scene"); it allowed family members to prepare themselves.

And likewise to Keith Henderson, who chose to show a hand drawn diagram of some non-fatal injuries to Jill Camm, rather than the photos entered into evidence.

The Defense Case: Begins on Tuesday. We're hearing that it will take about 2-1/2 weeks, down considerably from the 4 or 5 weeks initially discussed. While legally the defense doesn't have to prove anything, this timeline is an indicator of what they think of the prosecution's evidence against their client.

Camm Won't Testify: It appears the defense doesn't think that's necessary. Asked about it, Uliana told reporters that Camm has nothing new to say to the jury, that his statements of innocence were heard often in tape recordings and transcripts offered by police at the beginning of this trial.

Louisville Lawyers: It's a fool's occupation trying to predict a jury's verdict, but I've had three different Louisville defense lawyers approach me over my weekends at home positively salivating over what they consider a weak case against Camm.

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