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'CruiseFest' Moving From Ohio To Bullitt County With Racy Reputation That Precedes It

By Janelle MacDonald

(SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky.) -- It's an event that was kicked out of its former location with the threat of legal action because of concerns about nudity and lewd behavior. Now the car show called CruiseFest Nationals is headed to Kentuckiana amid criticism it's nothing more than a strip show. WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald investigates.

In Scioto County, Ohio, it was so bad, residents were in an uproar. Scott Rawlings, a pastor there, says, "it's really a girlie show with cars and trucks on the sideline."

Now CruiseFest is coming to Bullitt County.

The show's promoter calls it a low rider truck show, but video and pictures from CruiseFest Nationals last year show a whole lot more -- woman after woman, topless.

Brian Gahm, Scioto County Fair Board President says "that's the type of thing that goes on at those things. It's a Mardi Gras atmosphere."

But the lawyer for the president of CruisFest says that's not the type of thing that will happen at anymore.

Attorney Dave Rickert promises his client, Darrell Uzzel, will deliver something a little more family-friendly in Bullitt County.

Rickert says "he was a little too laizes-faire in terms of policing it last year and he's learned that just isn't going to fly."

Rickert says the problem last year was with two vendors who got out of hand. He says they won't be returning to CruiseFest this year, and the president has tightened up his contracts with vendors.

"Bikinis and things, yeah, you're right, that's just part of the atmosphere, but there's a difference between that and being wildly inappropriate," Rickert said.

But when asked why the CruiseFest website was using the pictures of topless women to promote the show, Rickert didn't have an answer. "I don't know, but I talked with him, literally, this morning and said the topless girls are out and he agreed with that."

One Bullitt County resident has already made a decision about the event. "I don't like it at all. I hope it don't come here."

CruiseFest is scheduled for Mother's Day weekend at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds. Mark Edison, president of the fairgrounds board, didn't want to appear on camera, but he said he doesn't judge anyone's morals, and he won't shut down an event before it comes to Bullitt County.

Edison says if there is illegal activity, he'll deal with it at the time, but told us he has been assured by police in the former location that the only problem with CruiseFest was with those two vendors who have now been banned.

After our story was broadcast, the nude pictures we found on the CruiseFest were removed.

Online Reporter: Janelle MacDonald

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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