Troubleshooter Reaches $2 Million Milestone

(LOUISVILLE) -- WAVE-TV and Republic Bank hosted a party on Feb. 24th to celebrate a milestone achieved by Charla Young and the Troubleshooter Department. In attendance were some of the viewers helped by Charla and her team- including assistant, Rebecca Ramey and producer Kristi Schank.

Thanks to the department's efforts, as of Friday, Feb. 23, 2006, viewers had recouped a total of $2,002,017.36. In many cases, they received refunds or credits to bills. Others saw justice served as contractors were hauled into court and ordered to make restitution for shoddy work.

A blind Louisville woman, Louis June Jackson, had her entire home renovated by a volunteer group of contractors who watched the original Troubleshooter report about her house. In it, viewers learned about the sale to Jackson, and the condition of the house that sighted persons could obviously tell were problematic. Those problem areas included insulation, mis-matched vinyl siding, a bathtub that actually sat on dirt, and walls that seperated from the home.

When the dust settled, and the entire home renovation was completed, it added up to $175,000 of donated material, labor, and time.

Another teamwork job by volunteers involves the Ruiz family, whose home in the Auburndale area started sinking in the center shortly after they moved into the home.  United Dynamics of southern Indiana used a piering system to elevate the home and prevent it from falling in again.  The Ruiz family, who are Cuban immigrants, are grateful to donations to make their home truly the 'American Dream' for them.

The work doesn't stop there.  After a story on the money taken by a contractor hired by Susan Elleman of St. Matthews, volunteers stepped up to finish the job the contractor never did.
It turns out Susan's $15,000 payment in advance of the basement remodel job bought a little lumber; but the contractor never returned and didn't offer to reimburse her.
Michael Dickson led a volunteer team that finished Susan's basement. Also helping, Jeremy Williams, Jack Flynn, Willie Fehribach of A-1 Quality Plumbing, Plumber's Supply, Will Grannon of Cox Interiors, Ralph Hammer, Clarence Mosely of NTA Maintenance & Electric, Paul Davis Restorations' Bob Kiser, Home Depot, Foley's Home Improvement & Concrete, and members of the Southeast Bullitt Fire Department.   Elleman won court-ordered restitution from that contractor.

The Troubleshooter team is also getting thanks for telling viewers about a little-publicized settlement between Ford and customers who replaced intake manifolds. Three viewers let us know, after our story, they secured refunds for the work valued at over $2200.

Those are just some of the stories the Troubleshooter's brought you building up to the $2 Million mark, and are working toward the next milestone, the $3 Million mark!