Abandoned Dog, Badly Injured, Survives Days Of Storms

By Carrie Weil

(LOUISVILLE, March 14th, 2006) -- Workers at the Bullitt County Animal Shelter got an emergency call Monday night about an abandoned dog. Sadly, that type of call is typical, but what they found was anything but typical. WAVE 3's Carrie Weil has the story.

The dog's new name is Oz, which means strength. And this pup is going to need a whole lot of it. To make it through the next few days.

Kim Keating with Bullitt County Animal Rescue says she got a call from 911 dispatchers Monday night after a couple reported an abandoned dog on Weavers Run, not far from the Jefferson County line.

When Kim got there, she found Oz, a 1-year-old mixed breed.

Oz was badly injured -- the bottom part of both his hind legs had been cut off. And his tail and ear were injured as well.

Dr. Rusty Gailor examined Oz Tuesday morning and determined that the injuries were about 72 hours old. He can only guess what happened.

It's not clear how Oz was hurt. He may have been caught in a trap, intentionally hurt or he could have received some type of crushing injury.

However, Keating says one thing is clear: Oz's will to live. "When we realized that the dog had been like that for a few days, through all these bad storms that we've had, he didn't just lay down and die. He wanted to survive."

The first priority is to treat Oz for infection and pain. Then he'll undergo surgery to amputate part of his tail and his hind legs above the knee.

If all goes well, he'll get fitted for a special cart that will become the new way for him to get around.

Dr. Gailor told us they'll be watching Oz closely, and if he responds well to care, there's no reason to put him down.

If you know who Oz belongs to or what happened to him, you're asked to call Bullitt County Animal Rescue at 502-543-7392 or 502-543-8686.

Online Reporter: Carrie Weil

Online Producer: Michael Dever