Doctors of chiropractic treat a variety of conditions with safe and effective spinal adjustments. It has been shown that spinal manipulation is the most effective treatment for the relief of lower back pain.

Misaligned vertebrae (subluxations) produce pressure or irritation to the nerves that control, either directly or indirectly, every part of your body. This explains why a wide range of medical problems respond to chiropractic treatment.

Our goal is to correct your health problems to the fullest extent possible by releasing all nerve interference, or irritation, to all parts of your body especially those areas which are particular problems for you.

Through a consistent, regular program of chiropractic treatment, based on the findings of our examination, the benefits of each adjustment should result in an improvement of your health. The treatment program that we design for you is the same one we would recommend for any member of our own families under similar conditions.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning your health care. We hope you will be satisfied with the results of your care and that you will refer family and friends to chiropractic so they too can enjoy the benefits of improved health through chiropractic care.

Here's to better health... the natural way!