AH - 64 Apache

Nickname Apache
Maximum Altitude 21,000 Feet
Top Speed 184 mph
Range 300 miles

The AH-64 Apache is a twin-engine, four bladed, multi-mission attack helicopter designed as a highly stable aerial weapons-delivery platform. It is designed to fight and survive during the day, night, and in adverse weather throughout the world.

With 2 crew members consisting of the pilot, located in the rear cockpit position and the co-pilot/gunner, located in the front position, the Apache is self-deployable, highly survivable and delivers a lethal array of battlefield armaments. The Apache features a Target Acquisition Designation Sight (TADS) and a Pilot Night Vision Sensor (PNVS) which enables the crew to navigate and conduct precision attacks in day, night and adverse weather conditions.

The Apache can carry up to 16 Hellfire laser designated missiles. The Apache can also deliver 76, aerial rockets for use against enemy personnel, light armor vehicles and other soft-skinned targets. Rounding out the Apache's deadly punch are 1,200 rounds of ammunition for its 30mm Automatic Gun.