Bike Crash Leaves Young Boy Struggling To Overcome Paralysis

By Jeff Tang

(LOUISVILLE) -- The two boys critically injured when they were struck by a car while riding their bike across a busy intersection on Bardstown Road in June continue their road to recovery. Our Jeff Tang caught up with the family members of one of the victims, who shared their remarkable experience, along with their concerns for the future.

Donnita White documents her son's recovery through home video, but it is even harder seeing Kevin through her own eyes.

"It's been, to be quite frank, tremendously hard," Donnita said. "To believe my son was an athlete, playing ball, and now he's not able to walk around, and do things he normally does. It's really hard for me."

Kevin Cornelius and his 13-year-old friend, Patrick Slaten, were critically injured when they were hit by a car while riding a bike on Bardstown Road over the Memorial Day weekend.

"It's been an up and down roller coaster," Donnita says. "My son has been back ... he went to Frazier, he's been back at Kosair, and he's been through a lot."

Kevin is still at the Frazier Rehab Center, and still paralyzed from the waist down -- for now at least.

"His main goal is he wants to be walking by the time he goes to school," Donnita says. "But we got to leave that in God's hands."

Hopefully, Kevin will be able go home within the next six weeks.

"I'll be ecstatic," Donnita says. "I can't wait until he's like, 'mom! can you get this, get that.' I can't wait. I'll go get it. If he wasn't spoiled then, he'll be spoiled now."

But for Donnita, the joy of a homecoming is matched only by the responsibility it will bring. "I still ask that question. There's a lot I'm gonna need, like ramps for a wheelchair, a bigger car.... I'm so used to him being independent. Now I'm going to have to be there with him."

Donnita's insurance may not fully cover Kevin after he leaves the hospital -- one more burden for Donnita to shoulder.

"I'm worrying about the future when I should be worrying about today," she says. "But as a parent, you can't help but worry about the future."

The family says doctors believe Kevin's chances of walking again are slim, but Kevin's family is still optimistic that one day he will make a full recovery.

For those looking to help Kevin and his family, donations to the Kevin Cornelius Fund can be made at any Fifth Third Bank.

Online Reporter: Jeff Tang

Online Producer: Michael Dever