UH - 60 Blackhawk

Nickname Blackhawk
Maximum Altitude 19,000 Feet
Top Speed 184 mph
Range 373 miles

The Black Hawk is a multi-purpose helicopter that serves as the US Army's principal tactical transport helicopter (replacing the UH-1 Huey series). The UH-60 has been adapted for medical evacuation, command and control, reconnaissance, special operations forces insertion , Search And Rescue, Electronic Warfare/Electronic Intelligence, and general utility missions, with naval variants employed for Anti- Submarine Warfare and SAR. It is flown by several other nations in military configurations.

The fuselage has a side-by-side, 2-seat flight deck forward. The flight deck is the open to the passenger/cargo cabin, which has a volume of 410 cu ft. Normal troop load-out is 11, but high-density seating permits 14 troops to be carried. For self-protection, 7.62-mm machine guns are fitted on pintle mounts at each cabin door.
Courtesy U.S. Army