Unopposed County Attorney Still Running Campaign Ads

By Anne Marshall

(LOUISVILLE) -- With election season nearing, campaign ads are already running. And while those ads are typically used in hotly contested races, county attorney Irv Maze is spending thousands of dollars in ads. WAVE 3's Anne Marshall explains why.

In a couple weeks, tales of wholesome childhoods will likely be replaces by broken promises, trips down memory lane will take a turn into "one upping."  It happened four years ago in the county attorney race between Irv Maze and John Decamillis.

Decamillis claimed Maze unjustly gave himself a raise; Maze countered by bringing up Decamillis' DUI arrest.

So this time around, without an opponent, Maze sees an opportunity to win people over. "We have a great story to tell, and if I don't tell it, no one will," Maze said.

One of his ads opens with a nostalgic look at his childhood. He starts by saying: "My Mom and Dad taught me right from wrong."

Maze didn't expect an uncontested race so he raised $225,000 for his re-election. He's spending $80,000 of it on the ads. The one airing now highlights his term in office, including his efforts to create stronger DUI laws. "Its a unique opportunity to be in."

Four years ago,Maze was asked to run for federal and state offices but turned them down. He says this positive air time is not a first step towards a higher office next time, "but you're never going to get a politician to say that, or make a commitment. It's not gonna happen."

So, at least for a few more weeks, Maze's one-minute ad can ease voters in to the season where many will try to win four years in seconds.

The remaining money in Maze's re-election funds will be held over until the next election.

Online Reporter: Anne Marshall

Online Producer: Michael Dever