On-Location offers two shutter programs.

The first is our complete shutter service. This includes in-home demonstration of shutters, measuring, estimating, ordering and installing. This is our best service. Just simply call for an appointment.

The second is our EASY SHUTTER service for the do-it-yourselfer. If you can measure and install, we can help you with your order and save you up to 40% on Comfortex Shutters. Simply go to our blog EASY SHUTTERS and learn how to save money on shutters.

Woodwind Shutters by Comfortex are different from any other shutter in their engineering. The shutters are made without mouseholes to give tight closure in both directions. They are a coated composite material. The louver tree can actually be replaced should the shutter ever be damaged. These shutters carry a limited lifetime warranty against warping, cracking or fading.