Chiropractic Questions and Answers

1. Is it really safe? Yes, chiropractic care is safe. Chiropractic is a very conservative form of treatment concerning proper bone alignment in the spine. Chiropractors at Eriksen Chiropractic Centers use only their hands for specific chiropractic spinal adjustments. Chiropractic is the largest non-invasive health care method in the world. It is drug-less and pain-less and leaves no scars. There are no harmful side effects. People who have chiropractic treatments have shorter recovery times than most types of out-patient care.

2. How come chiropractors vary in their services? There are many different techniques and protocols in chiropractic but they are all concerned with the same thing; proper vertebrae alignment to reduce nerve interference. This helps the immune system work at 100 percent. Here at Eriksen Chiropractic Centers, our doctors use the Gonstead technique which is very specific and is known to provide excellent results in a timely manner.

3. Can you help pregnant women? Chiropractic is a gentle drug free approach, and is especially beneficial during pregnancy. Since chiropractic has been found successful with back pain – and doesn't require the use of drugs, which could harm your baby – it should be obvious that chiropractic treatment is the choice for back pain in pregnant women.

Chiropractic care is important during pregnancy because it is a time when women go through structural and hormonal changes.

Eriksen Chiropractic Centers' doctors can ensure that the spinal column, pelvis and related structures are balanced, moving easily and free of vertebral subluxations. Many women continue chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy in addition to seeing other healthcare providers. It's never too late to get a spinal adjustment; women have even received chiropractic care during labor. Periodic spinal checkups during pregnancy should be as common as periodic weigh-ins.

4. I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. Can a chiropractor help with this? There are many forms of arthritis. The type must be observed and identified but, in general, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints in which there is no "cure." Some arthritis conditions are a process of decay which involves lack of function, nutritional deficiencies and other issues which lead to a breakdown or degenerating process of the joints. The breakdown of joints usually occurs earlier and more rapidly than normal.

HOWEVER, chiropractic care can help to restore proper joint function by correcting misaligned bones. Many times misalignment in the spine can contribute to arthritis by creating bone spurring and inflammation over the years. Eriksen Chiropractic Centers' doctors would begin by conducting a complete examination to determine the extent of the dysfunction. Then, after discussing and agreeing upon treatment our doctors will work on any subluxations, or misalignments of the bones to help increase joint function and lessen the pain.


Do you do X-rays?

Eriksen Chiropractic Centers do take X-rays if they are medically/chiropractically necessary. We provide our patients with quality care and an effective diagnosis. X-rays show us the positioning of the bones like no other technology can. X-rays allow us to view the entire spine and determine if there are subluxations, or misalignments. Once we review the X-rays and conduct our thorough examination with you, we'll go over the results in a one-on-one consultation.

6. Several years ago, I hurt my back, and the doctor told me I probably had a pinched nerve that causes my right leg to go numb when I lay on my back for very long, and that it would eventually go away. Would chiropractic treatments help? Chiropractic is the most effective form of treatment for conditions that are commonly termed "pinched nerves." Chiropractors are trained specifically to locate and diagnose the origin/cause of the nerve compression. Eriksen doctors will then determine the best care plan to treat the devastating and damaging effects from this illness or injury.

7. Do you treat athletes regularly? Eriksen Chiropractic Centers do treat athletes regularly, and is proud that one of our former doctors is a member of the U.S. Bobsled team in this year's Winter Olympics. Doug Sharp, D.C., not only adjusted athletes while practicing, he is now an Olympic athlete.

Athletes are depending more and more on chiropractic care. They realize that to compete at peak performance, they have to have a properly functioning body. And it's difficult to function competitively without a good spine. The Ravens professional football team and many others see the true value of chiropractic care. The Ravens have had a team chiropractor on staff for more than six years. Interestingly, the team quarterback will not go out on the field until he has had his maintenance chiropractic treatment. He realizes the importance of having optimum spinal function. Other sports/teams that have had team chiropractors include the PGA, 2000 U.S. Olympic teams, University of Tennessee Volunteers NCAA Track and Field Team, St. Louis Cardinals, World Wrestling Federation and San Francisco Giants to name a few.

On a local level Eriksen Chiropractors see many athletes from middle school age all the way through adult league athletes. Athletes all over the world receive chiropractic care not only for pain management and correction, but also for wellness care.

Our chiropractors also treat some of the top athletes in this country. One of our doctors treated such athletes as Toby Turner, one of the top bull riders in the world, and Olympic soccer athletes from abroad. Another of our doctors treated the Cross County 4-wheeler ATV 2001 Champion Bill Balance. He has also treated the Amateur Motor-Cross ATV Champion for 2001.

All the athletes generally find chiropractic to be the edge, which provides an advantage for optimum performance.

8. How often should you go even if you don't hurt? Lasting spinal corrections require a regular schedule of care over time. However, using chiropractic care intermittently for pain relief is effective. Only 10 percent of our nervous system is related to the feeling of pain. The other 90 percent of spinal nerves could be hindered, affecting your system in ways that you aren't aware of. All of your vital organs are serviced by spinal nerves and chiropractic is designed to remove interference in this area. Subluxations, or misalignments of the spine, do not always cause pain, however, they do always cause malfunctions. Anyone who is subluxated will benefit from chiropractic care and a continued maintenance schedule. It's very important to follow your doctors care plan in order to help you maintain optimal wellness and decrease the chance of a reoccurring problem. Your chiropractor should give you, and review with you, a care schedule based on your individual needs for continued wellness.

9. Does Insurance cover your services? All five of our locations are active in insurance program participation. Doctors at Eriksen Chiropractic Centers are providers for more than 300 insurance plans and we strive to be a provider for every plan within our geographic area. We accept most insurance plans offered in Kentucky. In fact, as a courtesy to our patients, we will bill your insurance company(ies) for you, so all you have to do is focus on improving your health.

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