Norton To Donate Materials From Buildings Slated For Demolition To Habitat For Humanity

By Anne Marshall

(LOUISVILLE) -- Two medical buildings being demolished will help build much needed homes. This spring, Norton Healthcare is getting rid of two of its downtown medical towers and moving to a new consolidated building. As WAVE 3's Anne Marshall reports, Habitat for Humanity and Norton are pairing up before everything comes down.

In a building where the words "You'll Be As Good As New" are echoed on every floor, it makes sense that the ceiling, doors, and walls are following suit.

Says Norton Healthcare's Chief Operating Officer Russell Cox, "it's as close as a building can get to an organ donation."

Norton teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to come up with a plan before its downtown medical towers are torn down.

Volunteers will salvage about $100,000 in building material -- everything from door knobs to ceiling tile to toilets will be sold at Habitat's discount store called the Re-Store.

Profit from the old walls will build new ones: Habitat hopes to build up to three new homes from money generated from the project.

"I'm here helping out so I can get my hours so I can get my house," says volunteer Letitia Bryant. With about 60 more volunteer hours, Bryant will be one step closer to getting her own habitat home.

"I hope by June or July," she says.

Her work at the medical towers will keep her busy through the end of November.

"We have to be done by thanksgiving," says Steve Rose with Habitat. So far, volunteers are ahead of schedule.

Rose is hopeful the pediatrician's door countless children once dreaded will be just what someone else is looking for.

Since the salvaged goods are from a commercial office, Cox says the quality is higher. "Most of the things that are being taken would have ended up in a landfill."

Instead, each piece being used again will help some start over.

Says Bryant: "It's the first time ever I'll own a home. I'll enjoy it."

Online Reporter: Anne Marshall

Online Producer: Michael Dever