Neighbor's Unusual Sign Causing Discord In Bullitt County Community

By Anne Marshall

(HILLVIEW, Ky.) -- Tension between neighbors in Bullitt County has resulted in a very un-neighborly gesture. And it's causing a bit of controversy in Hillview. WAVE 3's Anne Marshall has the story.

It is that time of year where relics of days past and reminders for tomorrow are part of the landscaping. Halloween decorations and political signs adorn nearly every lawn.

But on Overdale Drive, there's one thing causing double takes.

Says resident Missy Henry: "You have the Ten Commandments on one side and a big wooden finger on the other side. "It's strange."

About a month ago, the man who lives at 710 Overdale put up the finger to point the blame at 716 for an ongoing problem.

"It's obnoxious, rude and vulgar," says Sam Gabbert, who lives at 716 Overdale Drive. She and her husband, David, say the dispute between the two households started in July.

Their neighbor, Bill Eadens, blames them for beer bottles and cans being thrown into his yard.

"All I know is we didn't do it," David says. "No one in this house did it. And he should've talked to me in the first place."

But David says rather than exchanging words, his neighbor sent a message that's getting noticed by folks who probably shouldn't. "There's a grade school right there, a lot of kids walk up and down."

Two houses down, Missy Henry is fed up. Her young son spotted the finger a couple weeks ago.

"He's like: 'The neighbor is flicking everyone off.' You don't stick a big finger up and think it's OK. And I don't know why Hillview thinks it's OK."

Mayor Jim Eadens -- who happens to be Bill Eadens' cousin -- says "no, the city does not approve."

Jim Eadens says while it may be wrong to post such a carving, it's within his rights. In reviewing complaints, the city and county say the hand is protected by freedom of speech.

Even so, Mayor Eadens says he wants his brother to take down the carving. "I've got a call into him. He never called me back, but if he does I'll say, 'please Bill, take the dang thing down.'"

WAVE 3 tried to get Bill Eadens side, but he did not want to talk.

So, for now, many can only hope that what started with tossing a bottle won't end with flipping the bird.

Says David: We don't want a feud, we just want to take it down."

There are some neighborhood regulations in place prohibiting offensive behavior. David and Sam Gabbert hope the city uses those regulations to force their neighbor to take down the carving.

Some residents on Overdale Drive say they find bottles and cans in their yards as well, and they don't know who is responsible.

Online Reporter: Anne Marshall

Online Producer: Michael Dever