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List of Funding Requests

Here are the major agencies that applied to the Jefferson County legislative delegation for funding of capital projects in the 2002 General Assembly as reported by the Courier-Journal. 

  • African-American Heritage Center, $3 million for phase two.

  • Apple Patch Community, $500,000 for the first phase of a new campus off Interstate 71 near Crestwood. The agency aids mentally retarded adults and is now in temporary quarters on Hawthorne Avenue in Jefferson County.

  • Association of Community Ministries, $450,000 for programs, equipment and staff.

  • Bridgehaven, $1 million to complete new headquarters and equipment.

  • Brooklawn, $250,000 for a school building.

  • Center for Women and Families, $2.5 million for an expansion.

  • Jefferson County Public Schools, $2.99 million for technology learning.

  • Kentucky Center for the Arts, $5.77 million for phase two renovation.

  • Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center, $102 million for South Wing expansion and to renovate East Wing and East Hall.

  • Kentucky Humane Society, $3 million for a new headquarters.

  • Kentucky Theater, located on Fourth Street, $270,000 for upgrading.

  • Louisville Free Public Library, $1.2 million, mostly for new books.

  • Louisville Medical Center Corp., $6.1 million for land acquisition and an expansion of the Louisville Medical Center Life Sciences Research Park near Brook and Jefferson streets.

  • Louisville Orchestra, $500,000 for "resources to retain musicians."

  • Louisville Science Center, 727 W. Main Street., $1.5 million for exhibit, "The World Around Us."

  • Munhammad Ali Center, $10 million toward cost of project.

  • Regional Airport Authority/Airport Neighbors Alliance, $20 million for relocation of households in airport noise zones.

  • E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park, $2 million for a conference center.

  • Stage One, $1 million for capital improvements.

  • Transit Authority of River City, $645,000 for preliminary engineering of light rail system.

  • Visually Impaired Preschool Services, $250,000 for capital improvements.

  • Waterford Development Corp., $3 million for expansion of Waterfront Park.

  • Wellspring, $300,00 for capital improvements.

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