About Our Practice

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, The Doctors Eye Institute is a leading medical institution devoted exclusively to the diagnosis and management of eye conditions.

The doctors of DEI provide comprehensive eye care and outpatient eye procedures including:

  • Complete Ocular Examinations
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases
    - Laser Vision Correction
    - Small Incision Cataract Surgery
    - Glaucoma
    - Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Contact lenses and glasses

Our Mission:
The professionals of The Doctors Eye Institute recognize that each patient must be treated as an individual... with special, one-on-one attention. Your needs and concerns are addressed in a compassionate way and your questions answered in language you can understand. Eye problems can be physically and emotionally stressful, and we are prepared to offer treatment combined with emotional support.

Special Care for the Senior Patients:
Elderly patients, or those with physical disabilities will find special provisions have been made to accommodate their needs. Our "Right to Sight" program for senior citizens provides free vision screening and evaluations, discounts on eyewear, free insurance processing and many other valuable benefits that focus on the unique needs of seniors. Our first floor offices are easily accessible, and all of our examining rooms are designed for wheelchairs.

Examination & Testing:
On arrival to the examination room, we will obtain medical history and perform some preliminary tests before you see your physician. These generally take about twenty minutes. Your eyes may be dilated and you will be seen by your physician after tests and measurements have been completed. A comprehensive eye examination may take a total of 45 to 80 minutes with preliminary testing, dilation and physician examination.

Parking and Arrival:
Ample parking is available in front and rear of the office. Handicapped spaces are designated near the entrances. If you need special assistance, such as a wheelchair, you may send your companion to our office to advise us of your needs. Upon arrival at the reception desk, our patient advocate will ask for your insurance card. Your insurance information will be copied for our files and returned to you. We expect all co-payments to be collected at the time of service, so please be prepared to make this payment at the time of your visit.

Medical Teamwork: An experienced group of physicians and technicians work as a team to assure that you and your family receive the highest level of quality eye care. Medical assistants, trained and certified in the use of examination and vision testing equipment, assist with patient examinations. Our medical staff includes a variety of highly-trained specialists. This knowledge, skill and dedication ensures that you will always receive the finest, most comprehensive eye care available. Our physicians, optometrists and technicians continually undergo training to keep up-to-date with the newest developments in their fields.

Doctors Optical:
Doctors Optical is the optical shop located within our office. We offer the latest in fashion frames and lenses, making it easy for you to obtain your eyeglasses with a guarantee of quality and service. We do grind some lenses on the premises, so certain prescriptions may be completed on the same day of your appointment.