Discover a new cataract option

Here's great news for cataract patients! A recently developed, multi-focal intraocular lens allows cataract surgery patients to enjoy a new, higher level of spectacle freedom. This new multi-focal technology replaces single-focus IOL's (intraocular lenses) allowing for all ranges of vision: near, mid-range and distance.

Drs. Melvyn Koby, David Karp and Scott Hoffman are now making the multi-focal intraocular lenses available to our patients having cataract surgery.

The Acrysof ReSTOR Intraoccular lens was introduced by Alcon Surgical at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons symposium held in Washington DC earlier this spring.

Further good news is that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that they will now allow Medicare beneficiaries to choose these more expensive lenses as long as they pay for the extra cost themselves. Doctors and Medicare patients will have the freedom to select technology to treat cataracts that is consistent with the patient's lifestyle.

Previously, the government paid most of the price of treatment, including surgery, insertion of a traditional intraocular lens, and one pair of eye glasses or contact lenses. Doctors were not allowed to exceed Medicare's established price for the procedure or to ask patients to make up the difference for the multifocal lens. Medicare patients couldn't pay extra for a better lens even if they wanted to.

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