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Southern Indiana braces for power outages with ice storm in the forecast

By Eric Flack

(CLARKSVILLE, Ind.) -- Emergency management directors in Indiana are bracing for a winter storm that could wreak havoc across the state. In southern Indiana, the threat of power outages is causing concern. WAVE 3 Investigator Eric Flack has the latest.

It's not snow, but freezing rain and ice that could leave thousands of Indiana residents in the dark.

Sixty-nine-year-old Tom Baron and his wife, Roberta, sat in their Crothersville home with one eye on the TV, and the other on the sky.

"Everyone's watching this weather," says Tom.

It isn't the first time. In 2004 the area was hit with two feet of snow. Last year, a tornado leveled parts of the town, knocking out power to local residents.

And they're in the danger zone once again, with weather forecasters predicting some of the worst weather for Crothersville, Seymour and the rest of Jackson County.

An ice storm could mean widespread power outages. Kevin Hammersmith with Duke Energy says "the lines and everything can withstand the ice; the problem is the trees, and the tree limbs that break off and take the power lines down."

Hundreds of workers are on standby tonight, ready to hop into trucks at a moment's notice if and when the power goes out. A second wave of Duke energy workers in the Carolinas are also on standby. If needed, they will be called to truck in to help restore power as quickly as possible.

While some in Crothersville are preparing for the worst, Tom baron is still hoping for the best. "I hope it doesn't hit this county. It's supposed to go north, but you never can tell."

Workers Duke Energy will be watching the whether reports all night, ready to shift some of their resources as the forecast shifts. If power goes out at your home, they are asking that you call and report it from your land line so they can trace the call to your home.

Online Reporter: Eric Flack

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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