Police: group stole $200K worth of checks from mailboxes

By Maureen Kyle

(LOUISVILLE) -- Four suspects in what police are calling Louisville's largest theft and check fraud ring appeared before a judge Monday. A total of eight suspects are accused of stealing checks from neighborhood mailboxes and then cashing them. The crimes ranged from Louisville to Indianapolis to Cincinnati. As WAVE 3's Maureen Kyle reports, the list of victims is extensive.

Police say at least eight people were involved in what they're calling an organized crime ring, but they say that crime ring has now been broken.

On Thursday, four of those suspects -- Broderick Price, Nevada Price, Sophia Thorn and Sheron White -- entered pleas of not guilty, after being indicted by a grand jury on criminal syndication and theft charges.

Four other suspects -- including alleged ring leader Carlos Price -- are being held in jail.

And they're being held responsible for stealing 200 checks from mailboxes across Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

We didn't have to go far to find someone who says he was one of their victims -- Attorney Andrew White. "They called my wife last May from the bank, because they were concerned there were some checks that were bouncing."

White, who just happened to be working in the same courtroom where the suspects were being arraigned Monday, says his check to a girls camp was stolen out of his mailbox in Middletown.

White says the thieves then used a computer program called Photoshop to produce "all new checks with our account number on it, to the tune of about $5,000 worth of money, about 11 checks total."

White's bank reimbursed him and took the $5,000 hit.

In fact, police tell us just about every area bank is still trying to recover the nearly $200,000 stolen in the scheme.

And in a way, White is still recovering from his experience. He says his family will now "take everything to the office and hand it to the mailman; we don't trust the mailbox anymore."

Prosecutors and police anticipate up to 42 other people will be indicted next week for lower level involvement.

This year-long investigation has been dubbed "Operation Priceless" by investigators -- named after the Price family members arrested and charged with these crimes.

Online Reporter: Maureen Kyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever