Anderson Funeral Service raided for second time; more unburied remains found

By Eric Flack

(LOUISVILLE) -- A funeral home operator is facing criminal charges for the second time this month after the remains of 18 people, including several decomposing corpses, were found inside his out of business funeral home. Nathaniel Anderson is accused of taking money for funerals but never burying the bodies. WAVE 3 Investigator Eric Flack has more.

Nathaniel Anderson was driven off to jail for the second time in two weeks Wednesday. He was first arrested on Valentines Day after police found a 2-month old corpse rotting away inside his west end funeral home. Anderson was accused of taking money for a cremation and burial he never preformed. When word got out, some of his other customers had questions.

Anderson was supposed to have buried Vernon and Demita Stewart's Dad back in September. He told them their father was at Greenmeadows Cemetery, but after Anderson's first arrest they did some checking.

"We called Greenmeadows and they say they don't have 'em," Vernon said.

So they called the cops, and on Wednesday, investigators raided the funeral home. Inside, they found Vernon Stewart Sr. 5-month-old corpse, along with several other decomposing bodies. They also seized the cremains of a dozen other people. Some of the ashes had been there for years.

"So we're not talking they've been there a week or so and haven't been buried," Jefferson County Coroner Dr. Ronald Homes said.

"I don't believe it," said Anderson's cousin, Kevin Booker.

Booker calls Anderson a good man.

"Young guys were getting killed around here a few years ago, didn't have no insurance, Mr. Anderson took them in and done their funeral for little or nothing," Booker said. "There are several other people in the community he helped out."

One of Anderson's employee's blamed it all on clerical errors.

"I would find that very difficult to believe," Dr. Homes said.

The family of Vernon Stewart Sr. doesn't believe it either.

"I don't see how he could live with himself myself," Demita Stewart said. "I mean how can he sleep at night doing people like that?"

The three counts of abuse of a corpse facing Anderson indicate there were at least three corpses discovered in his business. There could be more, however, as police tell WAVE 3 more charges could follow. Police said they would release more information on Thursday.

As for Vernon Stewart Sr, he will finally be laid to rest on Tuesday. The cemetery is covering the cost.

Louisville police have found a second body at a west end funeral home. The owner has already been charged with abuse of several corpses in another case, including one that had been there for at least five months.

For the second time in two weeks, the owner of Anderson Funeral Services in Louisville has been arrested. Nathaniel Anderson was driven off to jail less a little after 3 p.m. after police raided his funeral home and found several decomposing bodies that was supposed to be buried last September.

Police made a similar discovery with another body this past Valentine's Day.

One of those bodies belonged to Vernon Stewart Senior. His kids say they paid Anderson almost $4,000 back in September to bury their dad. On the day of the funeral, Anderson told them the body couldn't be buried because of rain. A couple of days later, he told the family the body had been buried.

They trusted him, but on Wednesday they found out their dad's corpse has been in Anderson's basement the entire time. "I don't see how he can live with himself," said Vernon Stewart's daughter, Demita Stewart. "I mean how can he sleep at night, doing people like that?"

Police also discovered at least a dozen boxes of ashes that were also supposed to be buried.

Some were more than a year old.

Anderson was charged earlier this month with abusing a corpse. This time he faces charges of felony theft as well.

Online Reporter: Eric Flack

Online Producer: Michael Dever