Murder suspect's mother explains why he accused her

By Maureen Kyle

(SALEM, Ind.) -- More testimony Wednesday in the trial of Josh Collier, the man accused of killing his half brother in October 2004. During a break in proceedings, the mother of both brothers spoke out about why Collier once accused her of the crime. WAVE 3's Maureen Kyle was there.

"I think Josh was kind of upset with me because they had me believing, in the beginning, that he had done this. And now that I see the truth and the lies that I was told, I have no doubt in my mind at all that he didn't do this."

The tactics detectives used to get information from Collier came under fire. In their cross-examination of lead detective William Whibbles, Collier's attorney said detectives confused Josh, making him believe his mother was the killer.

But in redirect questioning by the prosecution, Whibbles defended his methods, saying it's not an unusual way to get information from a suspect.

The prosecution also called on three friends of Dustin, who happened to be in the car with Collier when he found his brother's body. All three testified that Dustin's body was not visible from the dirt road. One girl even testified that Dustin's shoes were placed neatly, side by side, near his body.

Collier had previously told police Dustin's shoes were visible in the road, and that Dustin's body was visible from a distance.

But Tamara, who at one point suspected her son was guilty, now maintains his innocence. she hopes others will do the same. "They have the wrong person. We have a good jury. I think, in the end, they'll see the truth too."

Two teens who helped search for Dustin's body took the stand, but before their testimony, defense attorneys had some tough questions for the lead detective in the case as they wrapped up their cross-examination.

Tamara Ivey was expected to take the stand Thursday. She's asking the judge to make it a closed testimony, meaning no spectators allowed in the courtroom besides media. That's because of comments made by some of the people watching in the courtroom earlier this week.

Tamara says she's too nervous to testify in front of them.

Online Reporter: Maureen Kyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever