Experienced cold case investigator to take fresh look at Dishon case

By Connie Leonard


-- It's the case that continues to haunt many in Kentuckiana: the  murder of 17-year-old Jessica Dishon. Charges and suspects have come and gone, but the case has never been solved. Now the Bullitt County Sheriff has hired a new investigator in the hopes of bringing the family some closure. WAVE 3 Investigator

has the story.

News of a new investigator brings a glimmer of hope to Jessica's parents, Mike and Edna Dishon, who, after nearly eight years, still have no answers in their daughter's death. The teen was found beaten, strangled and dumped in the woods a few miles from her home in September of 1999, 17 days after she was apparently abducted from the driveway of her home as she was getting in her car to drive to school.

The Dishons say they've suffered years of disappointment, including what they believe was a bungled investigation from the beginning.

Mike says "Jessica's car was sitting out there, you know, anybody with common sense knows if you're going to search a car, you have to wear gloves!"

The Dishon's are thankful new Bullitt County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell has hired former LMPD  homicide detective Larry Carroll. "Anything he wants us to do, we'll help him," Mike said. "I have files in here so if he needs to look through our files, fine."

"We're excited and we're hopeful that maybe they can figure out who done it," Edna said.

Carroll, a respected and  experienced retired cold case investigator, is anxious to give the complicated case a  fresh set of eyes. "It would only serve the family of Jessica Dishon if this could be solved," he said.

Carroll has a difficult task in front of him. In 2003, the Commonwealth dismissed  kidnapping and murder charges against the prime suspect, David "Bucky" Brooks after a mistrial. There was no retrial, due to a lack of evidence.

Then, in April 2006, a person of interest in the case, Jason Dunsford, was killed in a car crash. But Sheriff Tinnell believes the case deserves another look, for the sake of the community and Jessica's family. So he found money in the budget, and after talking with other homicide detectives, he knew he had the right man for the job.

"Larry Carroll's name was the first one to come up," Tinnell said. "He's an excellent investigator and he knows what he's doing."

Carroll, a deputy coroner in Jefferson County will work part time on the case.

Edna says any time devoted to their daughter is appreciated. "The hole will always be there but, it will give me some sense of relief knowing that maybe she can rest now."

The Sheriff says he looked outside the department for the special investigator because his current detectives already have so many new cases, they can hardly keep up.

Carroll will also take a look at some other unsolved cases in Bullitt County, but his first priority will be to find out what happened to Jessica Dishon.

Online Reporter: Connie Leonard

Online Producer: Michael Dever