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DUI driver may finally face jail time after crashing into home

By Scott Harvey

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- How many times do you think you could get arrested for DUI, before you'd be put away for a long time? Four, five or six? As WAVE 3 Investigator Scott Harvey reports, apparently around 20 wasn't enough for one Louisville man, who now could face jail time after being arrested for DUI again and allegedly assaulting two EMS workers.
According to witnesses, 53 year old, Kerrick Jenkins sped down Devonshire Drive, before losing control and crashing into a family's home.
According to the police report, Jenkins blew a 0.13 and it's not the first time he's been arrested for driving under the influence.  Records show, he's been arrested 34 times since 1985, and the majority of those arrests are DUI related. The family who owns the home Jenkins smashed into has a strong message not only for him, but for the entire community.
"As many people go up and down this road, if it prevents one person from getting behind the wheel impaired, the message is worth it to us," explains Melissa Rennirt, who lives in the home. 
That message is simple and easy to read as you pass the Rennirts' House. Painted on the tarp, that covers the hole left by the vehicle driven by Jenkins, "Don't Drink and Drive."
Witnesses say Jenkins was parked at a stop sign and wouldn't move. After the witnesses honked everal time, they pulled around him to pass. Morgan Daniel says, Jenkins became enraged and raced after him cursing and yelling.
"He took off this way and tried to rear-end me," said Daniels. "I saw him hit all these driveways, swerve across, come back across and that's when he wound up in the house."
Travis Rennirt had just gotten home from work.
"Just watching TV and then KABOOM, guy comes crashing through my living room wall there," said Travis Rennirt.
Travis said during the chaos, there was only one thing on his mind.
"Where's my son," Travis asked. "I was just looking at him out the window. Three seconds he was out of sight and this guy came through."
According to the police report, Jenkins was driving a vehicle that wasn't even his, on a suspended license. Police say Jenkins even assaulted to EMS workers, punching and spitting on them. The Rennirts' say the damage to there home is between $30,000 and $40,000. They hope to recoup some of the money, from the owner of the car, that Jenkins was driving.
"I hope they've been down my street and I hope they have seen my kids," said Melissa Rennirt.  "Obviously whoever's car he had was driving was a friend of his and knows about his previous record.
Even though their house has extensive damage, the Rennirts' say they are lucky.
"We just have to keep thinking that it could have turned out a lot worse and that we are not planning funerals, we are just planning construction," Melissa Rennirt said.
Jenkins has been charged with assault, wanton endangerment, DUI, and driving on a suspended license. We talked to experts about the law, who say, after five years A DUI cannot be used as an advancement for more punishment. So as far as the law is concerned, Jenkins' latest DUI is considered just his second offense.

Online Reporter:  Scott Harvey

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway

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