Update statement from the parents of Kaitlyn Lasitter

The parents of Kaitlyn Lasitter would like everyone to know Kaitlyn has had to return to Vanderbilt for surgery due to complications with her injuries and will remain there until early next week.

"This has been a very trying time for us as a family. It is very hard as parents to see our child lying in a hospital bed without her bright smile we all love, due to so much physical and emotional pain. The pain our daughter is going through is unimaginable for us to understand," said Randy and Monique Lasitter.

"The reality of all this is finally setting in and the thought of Kaitlyn losing these very important and special developing first teen years we all remember so well; knowing she will never be able to regain this part of her life.

Kaitlyn looks forward to the time when she is not in so much pain and can reply to all the cards from the so many special people that have taken the time to share their prayers and positive thoughts with her.

It is disheartening as parents to have witnesses call us personally and tell us that weeks and even days before the accident that they were told that the seat Kaitlyn was in was having problems at that time and that all of this could have been prevented.

we know in our hearts that Kaitlyn is a strong girl and will ultimately prevail through this horrible time in her life but at this moment it will be a very long recovery and we still aren't sure of the fate of our daughter's right leg.

We want to thank all of our close friends for being so supportive through this in all of our time of need.

We hope in the end this tragedy we can help to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Thanks so much again to Vanderbilt's Dr. Marc Tressler and Dr. Doug Weikert for their endless dedication and to new friendships that have been made."