Beating the heat during the 'dog days'

By Caton Bredar

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- The heat is on across Kentuckiana and it's not going away anytime soon. Most of us can get out of the heat but some are required to work in it, with others choosing to stay in it. WAVE 3's Caton Bredar tells us how Kentuckiana is beating the heat.

It's fairly normal temperatures for this time of year. But on the heels of a relatively cool summer up to this point, elderly people and those people who have to work outside may find it hard on days like today to stay cool. For kids, though, the idea is if you can't beat it -- enjoy it.

Hot -- hotter -- hotest.

"Just drink a lot of water," said Jerry Bass, a Gaylor Construction supervisor. "Stay in the shade when we can, take breaks when we have to."

For Louisville construction workers, fans offer at least a little relief by helping to stir the steamy air. But they only go so far -- or so high.

"If you're on top of the building, that tin top they're working on, it reflects all the heat back on you. You actually get all sunburned on your elbows underneath," said Bass.

The longer the day, the hotter it gets. Just down the road at ElderServe, officials recommend air conditioning.

"I encourage people, the libraries, the shopping malls, even the supermarkets are air conditioned," said Harriete Friedlander, executive director of ElderServe. "The fans cool you off, but if the temperatures over 90 the air conditioning is really better."

Still, they're in need of fans.

"People have been calling and asking and it hasn't been time to do a fan drive, because it hasn't gotten so hot. So now, we have people who need fans," Friedlander said.

That's better than nothing, at times like these. But some believe the real key is getting used to the heat.

"I lived in Florida for 15 years, so i love it. You get used to it after awhile," Bass said.

That's a theory kids seem willing to test at the waterfront. While Lisa Miller's husband works construction, she and her two young children were finding relief in the water. Miller says that her husband has to wear his sunblock to keep from getting fried while working.

She and her kids were making their first visit to Waterfront Park. Miller told us that the park is awesome and her kids love it.

"The water they go in and out of, and I think when they get hot, they get wet. Then they take off back to the gym again," said Miller.

But she hasn't tried it herself yet, but says she was tempted.

"Probably, one of them will drag me out there probably. I'll wait until the crowd dies a little bit," Miller said.

But for now, she appears to have it made in the shade finding some cover under a tree in the park.

The construction workers tell me when the heat index hits 102, they usually call it a day. Otherwise, they are out working there until 3:30.

ElderServe gave out more than 400 fans last year to those who are elderly or homebound and they are in need of donations. If you wish to donate, please take your fan to one of the ElderServe locations listed below.

Dosker Manor 
411 East Muhammad Ali Blvd.


Oak & Acorn Intergenerational Center
631 South 28th Street

Online Reporter:  Caton Bredar

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway