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Louisville's Biggest Loser

Just like the hit NBC show "The BIGGEST LOSER", we want to give you the chance to be The Biggest Loser in Louisville!

Six (6) contestants will be chosen to participate in this intensive 12-week fitness and diet competition to get in the best shape of their lives.  Each will have their own personal trainer to instruct them on their daily diet and exercise program.

You will be expected to stick to your trainer's schedule each week.  Therefore you must be available for the full 12 week period beginning 9/17/07 - 12/7/07.

Register Here to be Louisville's Biggest Loser!
Complete the online entry form below, then click here to email a full body photograph of yourself to complete your registration.

You can also mail your photograph to: WAVE3-TV, Louisville's Biggest Loser, P.O. Box 32970, Louisville, KY 40232.

Contest Rules:
1) Contest is open to anyone who lives in the Louisville Metro Area—must be at least 21 years of age.
2) Each contestant MUST have written permission from their doctor to participate.
3) Each contestant agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions of this contest.
4) Each contestant who is chosen to participate will receive a one-year FREE membership to LAC along with 12 weeks of free personal training that will include diet and nutritional counseling.
5) All entries must be received no later than Monday September 3rd, 2007.
6) The contest will last 12-weeks beginning September 17th and ending December 7th. You MUST be available to participate for the full 12-weeks in order to be selected.
7) The Grand Prize winner will receive free airfare and hotel accommodations for two at Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.
*THIS CONTEST IS DESIGNED FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT AND GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIFE---THEY MUST BE WILLING TO FULLY COMMIT TO AN EXTENSIVE 12-WEEK WORKOUT/NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM. Six local contestants will be chosen by representatives of WAVE-TV and Louisville Athletic Club after they go through a screening process. All decisions of Louisville Athletic Club and WAVE-TV are final. By signing this entry form, contestant agrees to assume all risk of accident and damage resulting from my participation in this contest including any and all training, workouts during or after the contest. Furthermore, contestant agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless WAVE-TV, Louisville Athletic Club, its instructors, trainers, agents, employees, officers, and owners and each of them from any claim or liability for any injury or damage that is sustained during the course of this contest or use of Louisville Athletic Club. Contestant agrees to the release of any picture, video, image or audio for use by WAVE-TV or Louisville Athletic Club. The eventual Grand Prize Winner will be chosen off the same guidelines used on the NBC show, the “Biggest Loser”.
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