Twin-Cylinder System Doubles Benefits

Imagine trying to drive through hilly terrain in a car with only one gear. Because you couldn't upshift (or downshift) to accommodate for the grade of the road, you would constantly have to accelerate and brake, making for a rough ride.

Just as additional transmission gears allow a driver to optimize the ride, a new kind of compressor technology-known as Twin-Single (TS)-optimizes air conditioning systems. TS compressors use a unique two-cylinder design in one package, allowing units to condition a home effectively while running at a reduced workload. This translates into fewer start-and stop cycles, which reduces wear and tear and extends the life of the unit.

The two-step modulation significantly lowers sound levels. Reduced fan speeds eliminate the harsh blasting noise of air being delivered through ducts, and noisy on-off cycles are kept to a minimum.

Better humidity control and more efficient air filtration are additional benefits, and homeowners can expect to see lower energy bills. The York® Heating and Cooling Unitary Products Group recently launched the Olympian TS Series, a line of residential air conditioning units that feature TS technology. The units range in capacity from two through five tons of cooling.

"The Olympian TS Series couples TS compressor technology with York Comfort Enhancer Control, a microcomputer that regulates firststage and second-stage operation," says Matt Peterson, vice president of sales and marketing. "Sensing the need for maximum cooling, the system immediately moves into high gear, engaging both cylinders.

Sensing less demand for  cooling, the compressor moves effortlessly to single-cylinder operation, reducing operating costs without sacrificing comfort." To learn more about TS technology, as well as which air conditioning units feature it, visit or call 1-502-582-2230.