A special message from the physicians at Metro Urology

Two words no man wants to hear are "prostate cancer." But there is much cause for hope, especially with early detection and access to several advanced treatments.

The best way to stop this disease in its tracks is early detection. If you are over the age of 50, have a family history of prostate cancer; or are African American, make prostate cancer screening a normal part of your medical exams. Although it is often joked about, the digital rectal exam is important, as is the PSA blood test. As doctors, these two initial tests allow us to advise further testing to detect prostate cancer. And, if a biopsy reveals there is cancer present, we can get down to the job of eliminating it.

A diagnosis of prostate cancer is scary, but the chances of beating it are so much better than even a decade ago. Bottom line - make prostate cancer screening a regular part of your health care monitoring.