Things to consider when selecting a remodeling contractor

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling has compiled the following information to help you choose a remodeling professional. You will want to select a professional who will provide consistent and reliable home improvement services. Consider the following when selecting the professional of your choice.

Fiscal Responsibility

It is extremely important to consider a contractor with an established history of sound business practices. A contractor who fails to pay material or service providers can create major difficulties for a property owner. Unpaid invoices connected to a particular job site may become a mechanics lien against the subject property. The owner can then be required to satisfy these liens to protect the ownership of their property, even though they may have proof of payment to the contractor. Many property owners have suffered from this unfair experience after discovering that their contractor failed to pay all of the project's expenses.

Company Profile

There are two types of contracting firms in the restoration and remodeling industry. One type is generally a small company, consisting of the owner/contractor and some sub-contractors. This person usually works alone and may have a spouse assisting with some of the administrative duties. A spare room in the house and a truck is generally all of the office and shop space this contractor needs. This person will often utilize sub-contractors and temporary labor to fulfill many of the job tasks that he cannot complete himself.

Typically completing all the estimating and sales, material procurement, bookkeeping and much of the fieldwork personally, this is likely to be a busy and hard working individual. Due to the size of this company, the contractor will often be able to offer the lowest possible price. This company will serve very well for some customers, although there are times when this contractor may experience serious difficulties. A small company operator can become overwhelmed by the demands of the remodeling task, while constantly soliciting and selling new jobs, and attempting to manage the other aspects of the business. An illness, injury, family problem, or any number of other problems can create a remodeling disaster for an innocent customer. A well-intentioned individual can quickly become spread too thin.

The other type of firm operating in this industry is larger and will generally offer a more comprehensive menu of services. These services may include design, financing, and a wider variety of product selection, construction technique, and warranty coverage. These companies generally employ a crew of field technicians to complete jobs, and a separate administrative staff to support the field crew, order materials, and estimate and stage new jobs. This results in larger company overhead, but allows the various people involved in the project to focus on completing the tasks at hand for which they are best qualified. This creates a greater likelihood that the project will be completed on time and budget, with minimal disruption and inconvenience to the customer. An employee illness, injury, and other problems can strike this contractor also, but it will be much less likely to result in a serious problem for the customer.

We are the second type of contractor. While our management obviously attempts to control and justify overhead, it does so without sacrificing the quality and service the customer deserves. Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling is very proud of its employees and provides a compensation and benefit package that attracts and rewards the best in the industry.  Management believes that a team of employees, happy and secure in their jobs, will provide the best service and product to customers. We employ a team of field technicians, estimators, a customer service representative, a production superintendent, and a production coordinator. This enables Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling to manage multiple projects simultaneously, while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Insurance and Licensing

A critical issue to the customer should be the contractor's insurance coverage. Some contractors are not eligible for insurance due to a poor claim history or weak financial statements, while others are attempting to minimize their costs by "going bare." This means no insurance available to offset the owner's loss in the event of a disaster. Your homeowner's insurance may have exclusions or limits to your coverage if your contractor does not carry adequate coverage. Your contractor should carry both Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in coverage limits. Ask for a certificate of insurance. Just as crucial, your contractor should hold a current Contractor's License issued by a State Contractor License Board. You should contact the State License Board to verify this information.


Customers should always ask for references, and more importantly, check the references provided by the contractor. Ask questions. Is the project referenced similar to your project? Ask for a description. How long has it been since the job was completed? Was the job completed to their full satisfaction? In a timely fashion? How were the problems handled? (Every job has some problems). What was the worst part of the job? Was the job site clean? What was the worst part of the project? Would they use the contractor again? How could the contractor's service improve? What did they like most about the contractor?

Customer Satisfaction

At Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling, we strive to live up to our customer's expectations and deliver a quality product on time and on budget.  After the completion of their projects, all of our customers are contacted by a third party, non-biased customer satisfaction survey company.  From the results of this valuable feedback we are able to identify opportunities for us to enhance the customer remodeling experience and improve delivery of our product.  National results of these surveys show Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling remains the industry leader in meeting the needs of our customers year after year.   We are capable of many aspects of construction, but by specializing in restoration and remodeling, we have become better, quicker, and more focused on our customer's needs. This enables us to control all aspects of a project and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

We understand the importance of partnering with a remodeling professional that will earn your trust and help you realize your vision for your home.  We have been serving customers since 1966 and pride ourselves on the long-term relationships developed through sound business practices and fiscal responsibility. For your protection, we will gladly offer credit references and fully executed lien releases.

Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling is a national network of over 220 franchise offices serving eighty percent of the zip codes in the United States. This national strength has aligned us with strategic national vendors which enable us to offer broader selection of materials and better value to our customers.