Take a Memory Test

  1. Can you draw a clock and place the numbers from 1 to 12 in their appropriate order?
  2. Can you recall three words that someone spoke to you in the last five minutes?
  3. Do you remember the current day, month, and year?
  4. Do you remember if today is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.?
  5. Can you easily recall your address and telephone number?
  6. Can you count backwards from 100 to zero? Can you count backwards by > twos (i.e. 100, 98, 96, etc.)?
  7. Have you noticed a change in your mood or behavior?

These are some important questions to ask and tasks to perform to see if you are experiencing memory problems. If you can't perform these tasks, you may want to contact the Older Adult Partial Hospital Program at CARITAS Peace Center at (502) 479-4195 to set up a memory screening.