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California wildfires at a glance

California wildfire overall statistics:

  • Acreage: More than 489,000 (more than 764 square miles). 

  • Homes destroyed: More than 1,780, according to authorities.

  • Deaths: Three confirmed fire deaths, seven fire-related deaths. Authorities were investigating whether four burned bodies found Thursday east of San Diego were fire victims.

  • Injuries: About 30 civilians, 52 firefighters.

  • Major wildfires burning in California, by county:
    • San Diego County:
      • Witch Fire: Nearly than 198,000 acres (more than 309 square miles) in northern San Diego County from Witch Creek to Rancho Santa Fe. 30 percent contained. 1,061 homes and 30 commercial properties destroyed. Two burned bodies found in a charred home. Two civilians and 12 firefighters injured. Containment expected Sunday.

      • Poomacha Fire: About 38,500 acres (more than 60 square miles) on the La Jolla Indian Reservation and in northeastern San Diego County. 30 percent contained. 60 homes destroyed. Twelve firefighters injured.

      • Horno/Ammo Fire: About 17,000 acres (more than 26 square miles) on the Camp Pendleton Marine base. At least 40 percent contained.

      • Harris Fire: About 84,000 acres (more than 131 square miles) north of the border town of Tecate, about 70 miles southeast of San Diego. 20 percent contained. Ninety-seven homes, 17 outbuildings and two commercial buildings destroyed. One civilian killed, 21 injured civilians and seven injured firefighters. Containment expected Nov. 4.

      • Rice Fire: About 9,000 acres (more than 10 square miles) in Fallbrook in northern San Diego County. 30 percent contained. 206 homes and two commercial properties destroyed. One firefighter injured.

    • Ventura County:
      • Ranch Fire: More than 56,000 acres (more than 87 square miles) in the Castaic area near Piru. 81 percent contained. One home, eight outbuildings destroyed. One injury reported.

    • Orange County:

      • Santiago Fire: About 26,000 acres (more than 40 square miles) east of Irvine. 30 percent contained. Fourteen homes destroyed. Four minor injuries to firefighters.

    • San Bernardino County:

      • Slide Fire: More than 11,000 acres (almost 17 square miles) in Green Valley Lake area of the San Bernardino Mountains, east of Lake Arrowhead. 15 percent contained. At least 200 homes destroyed. One firefighter suffered minor injuries.

      • Grass Valley Fire: About 1,100 acres (about 2 square miles) in Grass Valley area northwest of Lake Arrowhead in the San Bernardino Mountains. 70 percent contained. At least 113 homes destroyed. No injuries reported.

  • Contained fires:
    • Los Angeles County:

      • Buckweed Fire: More than 38,000 (about 60 square miles) south of Agua Dulce in northeastern Los Angeles County. Contained. 21 homes, 22 outbuildings, two bridges and 40 vehicles destroyed. Three civilians and two firefighters injured.

      • Canyon Fire: More than 4,500 acres (about 7 square miles) in the coastal community of Malibu. Contained. Six homes, two businesses and a church destroyed, and nine homes and five commercial buildings damaged. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries.

      • Magic Fire: More than 2,800 acres (about 4 square miles) in northern Los Angeles County, including Stevenson Ranch. Contained. No structural damage or injuries.

    • Riverside County:

      • Rosa Fire: More than 400 acres (about two-thirds of a square mile) near Temecula. Contained.

    • Santa Barbara County: 

      • Sedgewick Fire: More than 700 acres (more than a square mile) near Los Olivos. Contained. No homes destroyed and no reports of injuries. 


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