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Younger children wearing revealing clothes

By Maira Ansari

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- They say sex sells, but now it's children that are buying. Young children are a hot target for companies. And now more than ever, sexy ads and clothing are being used to get their dollars. WAVE 3's Maira Ansari investigates.

A new debate is brewing about sexy clothes. They're not just for grown-ups anymore. Now the fashion is trickling down to pre-teens. Skimpy clothes in kids sizes.

But some teens we talked to say there isn't anything wrong with teens in tiny clothing. "I always get my really low-cut jeans with all the holes," said 16-year-old Laura Staron. "I know parents hate those."

Brittany Rebalsky, 16, puts it this way: "If you've got it, and you wanna show it, flaunt what you got I guess."

But one organization disagrees. Fifteen-year-old Sarah Passafiume is part of group called Pure Fashion.

"It's hard to find things to wear that are appropriate to wear, I guess, and fashionable at the same time," Passafiume said.

Pure Fashion is a faith-based program that helps young girls dress modestly.

Passafiume says with all the pressures that are out there to be sexy, young girls don't know how to show their true beauty.

"You hear that adage: 'beauty is from within well, I think they really know that so, they just need someone to tell them you can be comfortable in what you are wearing, you don't have to be something that you are really not" said Sarah's mother, Jean Passafiume.

Some statistics show the pressure is on for young teens to dress sexy. According to the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, 52 percent of tweens and teens feel pressured by classmates to dress a certain way.

Since it is the season to shop, many parents and some teens say what's out there isn't what they would wear.

"It's starting so young," said Virginia Brewer, who added it's hard to find anything else because "that's what out there in the stores."

"I just wonder why they do that and I wonder why their parents let them out of the house like that and what they're trying to show," said 15-year-old Erica Brewer.

Pure Fashion is holding a fashion show in the spring in Louisville to help give young girls ideas on how to be stylish, yet modest. For more information, visit

Online Reporter: Maira Ansari

Online Producer: Michael Dever

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