Why Choose Us?

Vision is one of our most precious senses. At Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers we understand this. Our focus is on providing you the highest quality medical and surgical eye care possible, to preserve, enhance, and even restore your vision. Our

concentrates on your specific

and needs. We do not perform routine eye exams or fit glasses or contact lenses.

As a result of our commitment to excellent and personalized care, we have become the practice of choice for regional eye doctors and their families-and who can be a better judge of this expertise and skill than other eye doctors? When it comes time for you to choose an eye care practice, Go Where the Doctors Go!® Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers.

Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers' origin in the Louisville area dates back to 1987. The doctors at Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers are among the most experienced and well trained in the entire country. Together our surgeons have performed thousands of sight saving and enhancing procedures, and are often sought out to teach courses to other doctors and present at major national and international meetings. In addition, our doctors have

on laser surgery, designed surgical instruments used in vision correction procedures, participated in national clinical trials,

taken part in forming important legislation on vision care on both the state and national levels, and most importantly, helped people like you preserve or improve their vision every day.

As part of our dedication to staying at the forefront of our field, we have become the first practice in the area to bring to you such procedures as

, the

the Ex-PRESS


Mini Glaucoma Shunt, and perform retinal surgery on an outpatient basis using only local anesthesia.

Our Patient Care
When it comes to the care of your eyes, you want the best. At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers our number one concern is you, our patients. We are committed to providing you first class eye care with understanding and compassion. Using only the most state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques we strive to make your experience positive and successful.
Your safety during office visits and procedures is of the highest concern. In that spirit, we remain 'results oriented' rather than 'volume oriented,' and perform multiple safety checks on our equipment before and during each surgical procedure. Most of our procedures are performed on an outpatient basis while you are awake and comfortable. This allows the procedures to be relatively fast and painless.
We take the time to explain your eye condition, treatment options and procedures, and answer all questions so you can feel confident in understanding what to expect. If at any time you find yourself with further questions, just ask us. "Our goal is to make our patients happy," Dr. Donald Bennett says, "and that is something we do better than anyone else."

Our Technology
Our offices are equipped with the latest in technology to provide a wide array of services, such as computerized corneal mapping systems for cataract, glaucoma and vision correction surgery, specialized diagnostic and measurement devices, in-office lasers for treating a variety of conditions including diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and specialized testing for macular degeneration, diabetes and other ocular diseases.
As The Specialists in Laser Surgery we use only the most cutting-edge lasers and surgical techniques to provide you with the best possible vision results. In fact, we have seven different types of lasers in our offices alone! Even though Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers stays at the cutting edge, we will not commit to a new technology until we are convinced it is the best and safest alternative. We perform only those procedures that have shown the highest levels of success combined with the lowest risks, using the most advanced technology available
Choosing your Surgeon
Your choice of surgeon can be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to your overall eye health. The surgeon's skill and experience are essential in achieving the results you expect. Yet, you may have heard more about the technology or the price of the procedure than the surgeon guiding it. While technology is important, it cannot give superior results alone. At Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, we have the most advanced lasers and equipment available. Still, the surgeon's hands controlling these instruments are the most important factor in achieving those results.
Our doctors and team members are among the most highly skilled and experienced in the nation. All of our doctors are board certified, and our specialists are fellowship trained.