Successful Parenting is the Goal

Are you a mom on the go?
Are you a mom on the go?

Dear Readers,

It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of the WAVE News leading website.  Parenting 101 has been designed to help you effectively manage your busy life and find more time at the end of the day to enjoy time with your children.  I look forward to feeding you some hot, some juicy parenting food for thought.  Remember that this site is for YOU, so please do not hesitate to recommend future topic ideas, ask questions or provide feedback regarding any of the articles.  E-mail anytime!

I bit about me....

I am a MOM On-The-Go!  With two little one's, well not so little anymore as time flies faster than a jet plane, I am constantly moving.  Weather it is scrubbing the marker off the walls or running from soccer practice to drum lessons, there is no stopping.  Even finding myself running faster than my feet can move in my sleep.  Mommy shoes activate!

Not only am I a nanny, cleaning lady, chef, tutor, personally shopper, chauffer, bill payer, budget coordinator, therapist (the list goes on as a mother/housewife), but I am also a Mother Inventor/Business Owner in my spare time.  Six years ago, when my younger son encountered the terrible two's, I was on a mission to find a method to manage his behavior.  He was hitting, throwing toys and acting as a child in the two's.  Realizing it was my most important job in life, I researched and read book after book.  Most parenting experts and books recommend using the time-out method, therefore I had found my means to turn his normal, yet negative behavior into a positive learning experience.

Road block!  All the parenting experts strongly stressed using a consistent spot, but this was nearly impossible for a MOM On-The-Go.  So, I invented Take-Out-Time-Out, a portable think spot.  Then, three years later invented the first portable reward system called Star Stash, creating the perfect Portable Parenting Package.  After an exciting and stressful journey down a long dark road,  I now have distribution in over 200 retail outlets in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  Ironically, I would not be where I am with my business without my products.  They have been my saving grace and my children have learned how to make good choices, feel safe with the understanding of what to expect and we have all established good habits.  I love my children more than life.  (just made me tear! Insight- now you are aware of my sensitive side, especially when it comes to my "little love's".)  This is why I am here to write and hopefully provide you with some thoughts and information to only help you create stronger family bonds.

Successful parenting is the goal.


MOM On-The-Go

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