NASA technology that could save the lives of thousands of injured horses

By Caton Bredar

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- There is high tech help for injured horses. A Connecticut company has come up with a system that makes operating on horses easier, and can help them avoid major injuries when they're recovering. As WAVE 3's Caton Bredar reports, it's all about keeping them upright.

Mister is a 20 year old retired race horse. He's healthy, but he is helping scientists and a veterinarian demonstrate the Enduro Nest, for supporting and moving horses.

First, he's strapped in to what looks like a harness. Then the machine -- made by Enduro Medical Technology in East Windsor, Connecticut with NASA cables -- is rolled in around the sedated horse.

According to Kenneth Messier, president of Enduro Medical Technology, for veterinarians this is, "A way to bring the horse in and out of surgery in a standing position and we're able to lift the horse in a standing position, which is much better for a horse's blood pressure, heart and lungs and much safer for the horse"

Once the horse is lifted, he's ready to be moved. Without this device, horses have to be tied upside down by their hooves to be transported.

The recovery for the horse is also much easier because the horse is suspended, as anesthesia wears off, for as long as necessary.

"Now we can leave him in the device until he's fully stable where he can walk out of this on his own with a minimum of anxiety and potential for catastrophic events," says Dr. Michael Stewart, a veterinarian.

Online Reporter:  Caton Bredar

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway