The Results Are In -- Just How Great Is Louisville?

(LOUISVILLE, June 10th, 2002, 1:30 p.m.) -- So what makes Louisville great? You probably have a few ideas and maybe you've seen the billboards around town asking the same question. It's all part of a study to find out what's good about the city and what can make it better. WAVE 3's Carrie Harned has the study's results.

They asked the question and got an earful. With over 750 responses, the Bringham Fellows also got suggestions for improvement. "The most important thing is not sit on our laurels, they really don't want to be stagnant about it, they want to move forward," said Louis Waterman with Bringham Fellows. A city on the move, but in what direction?

The study's leaders say we need to focus on our strengths and make them even better. "The thing that came out of this more so than anything else is that we are a town of radical hospitality," said Waterman. Whether it's true southern hospitality or just down right friendliness, the group suggests more conventions need to be aggressively sought after. And it may be selfish, but they say the payoff will be ours.

"The economic impact the entrepreneurial impact the business it brings and the throw off from those is absolutely amazing," said Waterman.

Interviewees want to see more programs that put Louisville on the map, like Operation Safe Place, the Fund for the Arts, and the Metro United Way, all homegrown projects that received national attention.

As for the business side of things, the group points to successful giants, like UPS and the hospital network, as proof we make a nice home for big operations. "We really don't have a boom or bust economy while we feel the national trends we really have a gift of quality of life that far surpasses a lot of other places in this country," said Waterman.

As for places for rest and relaxation, Louisville scores high, but many would like to see more smart development and preservation of our parks. The study's results will be given to the new Metro Council and mayor once they are in place.

Online Reporter: Carrie Harned

Online Author: Melissa Schantz