Patrick Henry Hughes composes WAVE 3's Derby open

By Dawne Gee

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- This is a busy week in Louisville as we get ready for Derby 134. And Louisville's own Patrick Henry Hughes will have a special place in Derby history. WAVE 3's Dawne Gee explains.

It is Derby time, and one of our local celebrities is getting ready. "I'm going to be the honorary Grand Marshal of the Pegasus Parade," said Patrick, but his plans don't stop there.

"Oh yes, I'll definitely be at the Derby," Patrick said. "The marching band is going to be there as well."

Patrick and the University of Louisville marching band will play their very best for the crowd at Churchill Downs on Derby Day.

"I've been to Churchill Downs several times for several events, but this will only be my second trip to the Derby," Patrick said.

There is one first for Patrick though: this will be the very first time he has composed the opening song to a WAVE 3's daylong Derby show.

Gary Pyles, who works in Creative Services at WAVE, says "Patrick was kind of surprised, I think a little bit to be asked, but he seemed like it was a project he'd like to try. So he agreed to write it, but he said he wasn't really good with lyrics."

So our WAVE 3 team gave the lyrics a try. "We are not music producers at all," said Pyles, but "we are creative people," added Angie Glotzbach who also works in Creative Services and in the Weather Department.

"Well, I just thought it would be a fun little project to work on," Patrick said. "A nice song to write to keep me busy when I have free time. I just thought it would be fun, really."

After the lyrics were composed and the music was written, Pyles says it took nearly five days to add video and create the open.

But Pyles said Patrick did all the real work. "We're really happy for Patrick, 'cause this is a neat project for him. We're just kind of tagging along putting video on it."

The open was shot at the Bomhard Theater at the Kentucky Center for the Arts using video from past derbies.

The composition aired at 8:30 a.m. Derby for the first time on Derby Day.

Online Reporter: Dawne Gee

Online Producer: Michael Dever