Adding color to your garden and saving money at the same time

By Cindi Sullivan
WAVE 3 Garden Expert

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- If you are fan of container gardens but are having problems making them work, help is on the way. WAVE 3 garden expert Cindi Sullivan  has the answer for you.

Part of the fun of having containers to garden in is changing them out with the seasons, or as you get tired of the look, or your plants get tired. I really have something of a love-hate relationship with the planters on my porch. They are poorly designed for plants because they are way too shallow, but they can be effective if they are changed more often than most other containers.

One of the ways that I have found to make the process easier is to buy inner sleeves for the pots that I can take out and replace.

I have had rhododendrons and pansies in these planters for the late winter, early spring season. Now that it is warming up a little more, it's time for a change.

I'm switching the containers out now with sun loving iris, coreopsis and creeping phlox. I like using perennial plants in my containers, because when I am ready to change them, I can put the plants in the ground for the future.

Another way that I try to save some money in my containers is by purchasing plants in larger pots and dividing them. I can get usually get two containers done with half the plants if I split the plants.

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Online Reporter:  Cindi Sullivan

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway