Latest jump in gas prices leaves drivers hot

By Caton Bredar

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- Gas prices have reached an all-time high -- an average $4.05 a gallon nationally. It's even higher than that today, in some parts of Kentuckiana. WAVE 3's Caton Bredar checked out prices at the pump Thursday and found some outraged drivers.

As oil prices keep going higher, the prices on gas station signs keep going higher -- as much as $4.19 at several locations in Louisville. That is causing some drivers to take some serious detours.

The dog days of summer, just got a little doggier.

"It's about $100 every time I fill it up," said Missy Becher. She drove from Indiana for cheaper gas.

"The one station I passed was $4.15, so I assumed prices were going up today," Becher said.
With gas as much as $4.15 a gallon at some stations on Dixie Highway, tempers are flaring as high as the prices. But choosy drivers are finding it pays to shop. Within a one and a half mile stretch of Dixie Highway, the prices varied by as much as twenty cents.

"They're $4.15. This is $3.93," said motorist Patricia Kimmich.

For many, the savings are well worth the wait. Less than a mile down the road, Kroger customers could potentially save even more. But some tell us the wait isn't worth the reward.

"I could buy it over at Kroger's and save 10 cents a gallon, but I don't feel like waiting in that long line right now, which is about a mile long right now," said Ed Layer.

Desperate times are calling for desperate measures with most drivers simply cutting back on the driving. Layer is riding his bike more.

"I go only where I have to go. Like, I go over here and take care of my mother. And if I had a basket on my bicycle, I'd be riding it right now. Then when I get home, I will be riding my bicycle this afternoon," Layer said.

"I just go to work and come home. Stay in the house until it's time to go to work again," said Chester Maddox. "Not anything I can do about it. I still have to drive to get to work, so there's no point in being angry about it. Unless a person wants to walk or take the bus, or find some other means of transportation."

"Definitely, I drive slower. And I've noticed a lot of drivers seem to be driving slower, just to conserve gas," said Becher.

"I just heard on the news that the price of oil is going down, but the price of gas is going up. So who knows?" said Kimmich. "It's not good,"

There is even more bad news on the horizon. According to analysts, prices could go even higher by the Fourth of July. If it's any consolation at all, prices in California rose three cents overnight to $4.50 a gallon.

Online Reporter:  Caton Bredar

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway