Getting everything from toothache pain relief to air fresheners from your backyard

By Cindi Sullivan
WAVE 3 Garden Expert

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -- You will often hear me refer to herbs as the useful plants. Here are a couple of plants that you might find useful in your garden.

Spilanthes oleracea is also known as the toothache plant because native Americans would chew the leaves to alleviate a toothache. You may not want to try this at home, but chewing on the leaves will make your mouth feel numb. Spilanthes will grow in sun or part shade. They will reach about 10 inches in height and have a spreading growth habit. The plant is also topped with red and gold blooms that look a little like candy gumballs.

Roman chamomile is a low growing plant that produces delicate looking feathery foliage. Even though the foliage looks delicate-this plant is often used as a groundcover, so it will take some traffic once it is well established. Small daisy-like flowers produced in summer are an added bonus. Both the flowers and foliage have a pleasant apple like scent. Chamomile will grow in either sun or part shade.

Interestingly enough for me, when we were visiting Italy, I saw chamomile carpeting the grounds of the forums of ancient Rome, so I thought I might get some new plants for my garden.

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Online Reporter:  Cindi Sullivan

Online Producer: Charles Gazaway