It's Summertime!

Hello fellow parents!  It's summertime!

Between camps, pool time, play dates, travel, etc.... Once again, back to the circus juggling act.  For some reason, I had envisioned myself sitting quietly by the pool with my new book,  I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids  (First page was hysterical!).  What was I thinking?  I can hear Stewey from Family Guy now, "Silly mom. In your world, books are for the shelf!"  Finding a means to escape the madness and stay organized is trickier than expected.  But, it is crucial to stay on track in order to maintain our sanity and be the best parent we can.  Don't put it off!

Make sure you start each day with a plan.  Each day should include something active for the kiddos.  If you have them in a camp, you are "home free".  Otherwise, go for a bike ride or make your way to the pool.  If you do not have access to a pool, find a friend that does!  Sitting poolside is the perfect place to get organized.  Make those "lists" and plan for the day.  Even though finding time to read poolside is merely a dream, knowing that the children are getting exercise and having fun while you get your head on straight is heavenly.  "Ahhhhh."

Also, keeping education in your summer plans is a must.  Reading is always a necessary means.  Barnes & Noble has a great reading program where children can earn free books.  Free!  Also, workbooks are great for maintaining good habits.  I use the Star Stash system as an incentive for my sons to complete two pages per day.  They take those workbooks with them everywhere.  My son brought his to the gym this morning while I got to work out.  Killed two birds!

(Recommended workbooks: School Zone and Flash Kids.)

Family time... Always make way for activities with the whole family.  Karem's Pub at Norton Commons holds a great festive family event every Thursday evening.  They block off the street to make way for a consistently huge crowd.  Live music starts at 7-ish.  Not only is the food excellent, but also very reasonable priced.  Plus, the service can't be beat.  The kids all gather on the grass and play for hours.  What more could you ask for?  Combining family time with adult time while the children run around and play.  BINGO!

Now, make sure that you also work in some time for "you" too.  Get a sitter for an hour to simply stroll the isles at Target ALL ALONE.  Or, swap sitting time with a neighbor and get that needed R&R.  Join Louisville Athletic Club and go for a good long work out while the kids hang in the nice new children's play area.  As my son says, "It rocks!"

Most importantly, find time to give your children a BIG morning, afternoon and bedtime hug.  Love makes the world go round!

Just a little bit-o-summer-honey to reduce the grey hair.

Buy for now...