Some FSCAP Suggestions


The Funeral Service Consumer Assistance Program (FSCAP) works with families each week-day in helping resolve problems and complaints concerning funeral homes. FSCAP also offers suggestions on how to begin the process of reviewing various types of funeral arrangements and contracts.

Though not a legal entity or a funeral home or preneed contract "rating" service, FSCAP uses its experience with other families in helping you discover for yourself what's best for you. The assistance and additional resources we suggest you use are intended to make you become a more informed shopper of funeral-related services and merchandise.

Most problems arise through misunderstandings, inability to listen or take notes due to emotional stress, questions not asked, answers not heard or understood, or important consumer obligations not stressed by the seller.

Some of the most important questions to ask were listed earlier on this page; however, FSCAP suggests you make a list of your own questions before you sit down with a sales counselor and prior to making any decisions.

In addition, picture yourself, pencil in hand, asking these important questions of the sales counselor:

"More than half the states now require a license or permit to sell these contracts. Does this state? If so, what is your license number?"