Blow-In Blanket System

If you want insulation to achieve higher R-Values, provide a uniform density, eliminate settling and shifting, fill costly air gaps, voids and seams, look no further.

This system uses the same blown fiberglass you have known and trusted for years. The unique BIBS system application process, uses Certainteed Insul Safe 4 or Optima, or Johns Mansville Climate Pro, blowing the fiber into place behind a fiber netting or mesh. Once the BIBS batts are installed, no maintenance is required.

Tests show that a mere 4% void area in R-19 causes a 50% increase in heat loss. Blow-in-Blanket batts DO NOT SETTLE, and eliminate voids, period. The Blow-in-Blanket is a patented and trademarked system. It may only be installed by approved contractors using patented BIBS technology and certified by Ark-Seal, LLC.