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Sunday alcohol ban stands in Shepherdsville

By Mark Schnyder - bio | email

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Shepherdsville City Council considered an ordinance Monday night to allow restaurants to serve alcohol on Sundays. WAVE 3's Mark Schnyder reports the council was split 3-3, so Mayor Sherman Tinnell broke the tie and voted "no."

As the cold beer flows at the City Limits Bar and Grill, so does owner Dale Tharpe's disappointment in his city council.

"It's a real setback and I don't know when we can get it back up," Tharpe said from his bar shortly after the special council meeting on the alcohol issue. "It may have to be a new council, new mayor whatever."

Tharpe was one of about a dozen people who implored elected leaders to look past their own political and religious beliefs and let restaurants serve alcohol on Sundays.

"I think that's what's necessary is for the city to take the next step," said one taxpayer.

Those who own and work at local businesses say visitors complain all the time about the glaring lack of good sit-down restaurants in Shepherdsville. David Brim knows from his experience as a hotel worker.

"Many times people have left and not checked in because they want a drink," Brim said.

Proponents for alcohol on Sundays believe the current ban is one of the reasons more restaurants won't come. Only a few people spoke in favor of leaving things be, but religion ruled the day.

"My Bible tells me to keep the Sabbath holy," said Beverly Pace, the wife of a local pastor. "My Bible doesn't tell me to keep the Sabbath holy only if I can't make money doing it."

"I'm happy with a Big Mac or a taco," said Dwayne Price. "The restaurants we have are sufficient. I stand for Jesus and that's how it's going to be."

Mayor Tinnell, who cast the tie-breaking vote, has said he doesn't think lifting the ban on alcohol sales at restaurants will help attract new restaurants. "And I'm telling you tonight, I'm doing what's right and I vote no on this issue."

So Tharpe's place will continue to lose business from beer drinking customers on Sundays during sporting events like NASCAR and NFL, and he believes Shepherdsville will remain at a competitive disadvantage.

"We weren't doing it just to try to get bigger restaurants in here, we were doing it to try to make our people stay in the community," said Tharpe.

One of Tharpe's customers said he'll just have to buy his beer on Saturday to drink on Sunday. He can do that, just not in any Shepherdsville restaurants or the golf course.

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