Cyclist attacked on the way to work

Dan Cooley
Dan Cooley

By Mark Schnyder - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville cyclist says he was a victim of road rage Friday morning and has the lumps to prove it. WAVE 3's Mark Schnyder talked to him at the scene of the assault.

Like many people, Dan Cooley started riding his bike to work to save money on gas and stay in shape. He has been doing it for five months and during that time has felt the hostility some drivers have for cyclists. But he's never gotten beat up until Friday.

"You can see the blood. There was quite a bit of it," says Cooley as he points to the sidewalk at Barret and Castlewood about 10 hours after his ordeal.

Cooley isn't sure what he did to tick off a couple of guys driving down Barret Avenue around 6:45 a.m. Friday. He was riding his bike when he says the driver cut him off.

"We exchanged expletives and they immediately stopped their car and started backing towards me," says Cooley.

Cooley's sure whatever upset the pair didn't justify this.

"He ran into my bike. Knocked me off my bike and then one got out and punched me in the nose and the face."

Cooley called his wife who took him to an urgent care center, then a hospital for an MRI. He is banged up in the lip, nose and knee but he's going to be okay. He'll go back to work on Sunday - in his car.

"I just wanted everybody to know what's going on. That there are folks out there that don't like to share the road with cyclists and resort to violence," says Cooley.

Cooley is not going to let a couple of thugs rule his life. He says he should have his bike fixed up in a few days and he'll be riding it again to work soon.