The Lily of the Nile can hold up to Kentuckiana's heat

By Cindi Sullivan - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you are looking for a great looking, very tidy tropical plant for your summer garden, you might want to try an agapanthus.

Agapanthus, or African Lily or Lily of the Nile as they are commonly known, is a beautiful plant featuring strap like, arching, glossy dark green leaves that create dense fountain shaped mounds of foliage.

The small flowers are star or trumpet shaped atop thick bloom stalks and are borne in clusters; depending on the cultivar the flower color will be blue, purple or white. The bloom stalks arise a foot or so above the foliage mound and can last for weeks with proper watering practices.

The easiest way to treat them in Kentuckiana is to pot them up and keep them outside in summer making sure that the plants get adequate water and fertilizer. Agapanthus require lots of water for good growth, the soil must not be allowed to dry out between waterings.

Agapanthus can then be brought indoors when temperatures begin to drop into the low 50's in fall and allowed to go dormant for the winter. They must be stored in a frost free spot and the root system can be allowed to dry out.

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