This is the time to add plants to your garden

By Cindi Sullivan - bio | email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you're looking to spruce up your garden now may be the time to buy at your local nursery. During this time of the year, with so many plants on sale, it's hard to pass up a bargain. I found these oleanders at my local garden center and though they may look a little peaked right now, with just a little extra TLC, they can grow into all that they can be in no time.

Some of the plants that you will find during this time of year will definitely need to be repotted. Choose a container slightly larger than the original for repotting.

Cut through the root system a couple of times or pull the roots out with your fingers to stimulate some outgrowth and soak the whole root mass in a bucket of water with some of your favorite liquid fertilizer.

Add fresh potting mix and some slow release fertilizer to the new container and continue watering with the water soluble fertilizer for the next few weeks.  You can also add some extra plants to the container to provide a little extra interest and enhance the look of the planting

There is still plenty of growing season left and therefore lots of time to bring these plants up to speed-especially at a good price.

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