Getting Back to Business!

From MOM On-The-Go
From MOM On-The-Go

I fall into a daze looking at those beautiful white puffy heaven- like clouds, as I look out the small air tight airplane window.  Take me away!  I begin reminiscing of those non-structured summer days with both boys at home ALL day ALL week.  I giggle and put my seat back, feet up and head down. Boys are back in school: Back to business.  Ahhhh... Who would have guessed that the thought of working would be this relaxing!?

It truly is amazing how our children alter our perspective on life, love and work to such a degree.

The first week of school was a success for my boys.  (As I wipe the sweat off.)  The real challenge begins after a month or two.  A child's interest in continuing that success seems to slowly fizzle while the work gets more complex and the reality of less playtime sets in.  Maintaining their interest requires a healthy balance between active playtime, family time and education.


  • EXERCISE RHYMES - a portable deck of cards that allows for children ages 2-9 and parents to exercise anywhere anytime.  They contain fun physical exercises with rhymes that will also enhance reading.
  • BOOKS!- Always have books near (car, purse, child backpack, all rooms in the house, etc.).
  • MAKE READING FUN! - When reading to your child, make sure you show your love for reading.  Don't try to get to that last page ASAP.  If you show your love for reading, they will find the love as well.  Don't be afraid to dive into the roles.  Get into character and use your voice.  Put on a hat for each character and use props.  This will trigger their creative juices and learning becomes fun.
  • STAR STASH - This portable reward system can be used to keep the interest and balance with no need to nag.  Include a reward for completing homework on time and without being asked.  Also, reward for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle (i.e. winning a race around the block, trying new healthy foods).

Just remember...

Another day is an opportunity to create a stronger bond between you and your "Little Loves".