Nutritious Box Lunches For School

Use an insulated sack and blue ice or frozen Go-Gurt to keep food from spoiling. "Strive for 5": Try to include something from each of the 5 food groups in the Food Guide Pyramid:

[grain fruit vegetable milk meat]

Menu 1*
cheese sandwich (fat free cheese slices + mustard + pickles)
vegetable salad + light dressing in a small container

Menu 2*
turkey breast sandwich with lettuce + mayonnaise (individual packet) baby carrots, fresh fruit or fruit cup, frozen Go-Gurt

Menu 3
vegetable salad + individual can of tuna (add) + light dressing (small container), crackers, light fruit yogurt

Menu 4*
wrap: low fat bologna around string cheese in a tortilla trail mix: raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, chex-type cereal, dried apricots, chopped dates, chocolate chips, etc.

Menu 5*
salsa + baked tortilla chips, celery + peanut butter,
fresh fruit, pudding

* Buy milk to go with these meals.