Healthy Kids' Breakfast Menus

Aim for at least 3 of the 5 food groups in the Food Guide Pyramid. Kids can help prepare their meal. Include orange juice at most breakfast meals.

Menu 1
cold cereal + low fat milk + banana + chopped nuts

Menu 2
string cheese wrapped in a tortilla + fresh or canned fruit

Menu 3
oatmeal made with milk & raisins; banana sliced on top

Menu 4
French toast with fruit syrup + light fruit yogurt (French toast is great with cottage cheese, right in the same bite.)

Menu 5
freezer pancakes or waffles + light bacon + melon or grapefruit + milk

Menu 6
fruit smoothie* + toast with peanut butter

*FRUIT SMOOTHIE: milk & banana and/or other fruits or fruit concentrate (blenderized)