City officials stage Ryder Cup Rally

By Chris McGill - bio | email
Posted By Mike Dever - email

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) - The Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau along with representatives from the PGA and the Office for International Affairs held a Ryder Cup rally Friday morning for the city's hospitality industry. WAVE 3's Chris McGill's was there.

The south wing of the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center was the stage for the event, which was designed to help workers in the hotel, restaurant and attraction business better serve our "out of country guests" during the 6-day Ryder Cup tournament.

Karen Willilams, Executive Vice President of the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau, said "it's been a two-year journey, if you will, to lead up to today to the let the community - the world - know we're ready for this."

Louisville will be host to the world, not only through the international television coverage of the 37th Ryder Cup, but also with the estimated 8,000 visitors expected to attend. Many of those visitors will be from out of the country.

That's why Friday's Ryder Cup rally included information guides for businesses to help them better understand the obstacles they may face with dealing with international customers, such as language barriers and different world-wide customs.

"We want them to feel very welcome in Louisville," Williams said. "So when they come here, they're going to feel welcome from the time they get here until the time they leave, and our goal is, hopefully, they'll come back to visit Louisville again in the future."

If you dont' have tickets to attend the actual ryder cup tournament, there's still plenty of events being planned for you to enjoy, especially along 4th street live downtown.

Ryder Cup tournament plays gets under way September 16th and runs through September 21st at Valhalla Golf Course on Shelbyville Road.